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How to start?

PRE LOGIN requirements

  1. Working PassMan system 
    1. After configuring PassMan you have to encode your Vault with a secret key.
    2. You have to set up a valid licence (you can get a trial licence from HERE) logging in PassMan.
    3. You have to know the address of PassMan (eg. passman.examplecompany.com)
  2. Open the Vault of PassMan (After every system restart (after update or changing system parameters too) you have to open Vault).
  3. Browsers that work with PassMan


First you can organize group structure (targets with same name in a group are prohibited) where you can use subgroups with many levels.

You can register your hosts (targets) in the group structure.

You can register accounts on targets. 

If you want to sync data between PassMan and the target systems, the credential belonging to that account must be correct because otherwise PassMan can not access the target system to change the passwords and keys.