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Read Permission list

Name of permission


Read EntityView Element
Read PermissionsView Permissions on specific Target/Account
Read JobView executed jobs
Read RevisionsCan run restore jobs (can read the different versions of the database)
Read VaultCan view Vault keys

Permissions for actions performed on Folders

Operations on Folders
Name of permissionPermissions
Create FolderCreate new Folder
Update FolderEdit Folder's details
Delete Folder

Delete Folder

Move FolderMove the folder under another one

Target permissions

Operations on Targets
Name of permissionPermissions
Create TargetAdd a new target to the database
Update TargetEdit Targets' details
Delete TartgetDelete Target from database
Move TargetMove the target under another group
Restore TargetRestores the whole target to state what existed at a specified date

Account permissions

Operations on Accounts
Name of PermissionPermissions
Create AccountAdd a new Account to the existing Target
Update AccountEdit Accounts' details
Delete AccountDelete an Account from the database
Checkout CredentialsShow Credentials (Password/PIN/SSH) on screen
Secure LoginYou can use Credentials (Password/PIN/SSH) with extenders (webPMSL, PMSL, Session Management), but you can't checkout and copy credentials.
Check CredentialsChecking the status of the Credential
Reset CredentialsModify an old Credential or generate a new one (Password/PIN/SSH)
Update Credentials

Modify credentials stored in database

(this is required if a credential has been manually changed on the target system and that can be synchronized with PassMan again)

Checkin CredentialsCheck in credentials when not needed anymore

Permission list for actions performed on the Vault

Name of PermissionPermissions
Open VaultCan open a closed Vault
Add Vault KeyAdd a new Vault key to the existing one(s)
Delete Vault KeyDelete Vault key from the keys list

Other Permissions

Entity operations
Name of permissionPermissions
Update PermissionsChange permissions
Update Credential PolicyEdit Credentials Policy