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Dashboard Section

The Dashboard is located on the very first tab of the PassMan graphical interface.

The interface provides a quick overview of how many and what type of entities are given in the folder, most of the entries are clickable to navigate you to a filtered list.

You can also see pie charts showing the types of devices and accounts, as well as the age of the latter.

The initial settings show these 2 modules:

  1. Saved filters
  2. Quick statistics


On the right hand side, in the corners, you can see an icon to control the activation of the sections and their order.

The Customize button at the very bottom also serves this purpose.

Switch on the modules we want to see. By clicking on a row, you can also Drag-and-Drop to rearrange the visibility order.



In version 3.13.2, the following modules can be configured:

  1. Saved filters
  2. Quick statistics
  3. Favorites
  4. Frequently used
  5. Recently used
  6. Recently modified
  7. Recently created

*The Tips module will be coming soon in the next version.


Folders, Tools and Accounts can be marked with a star symbol. This action will automatically place the items into the Favourite section.

All entries in this list can be removed separately or as a whole.

In the top right-hand corner by clicking on, you can enlarge the section size to see more rows with items. 


Frequently used:

A frequency counter is run for any action on a folder, device or account. Initially, the items can easily be added to this section, while later you need to do some actions to make it 'frequently used'. If an entity was used more often than others, it will be included in the list. You can delete items individually as well - with the right click option.


Recently used:

The password related operions (i.e. Checkout) will trigger this section. If you perform a 1-click on an account (which is practically a LoginCheckOut / Secret login) the account will be displayed in this section. Uploading (or downloading) a file to PassMan will also update this modul with a file icon.

Recently modified:

This section contains all the elements that are edited (i.e. changes are made on), such as a renaming or a adjusting the description.

Changing the information of a Folder, Device, Account or File is a typically 'recently modified'. Any delete action (for folder, device, account or file) will also trigger this list.

Recently created:

This includes creating a Folder, Device, or its account, and uploading a file.

In each 'creation' case, the symbol of the entity will appear in this section, which can be clicked to go to the destination of the item or to get more information (in case of deleting a file).