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Version 3.13.0 (07/12/2022) - details

New features

  • Support for multiple SSH keys (already ed25519)
  • quick access to padmin from the passman login window
  • webPMSL - automatic login can be disabled per device
  • webPMSL - a username/password pair can be selected by searching, if no data is recorded for the current URL
  • mobile view can also be searched by target name
  • security - login token usability time limit
  • AD detection pagination implementation


  • Speed up group deletion
  • Import - autoreset can also be set during import
  • Import - target type is handled even in several fields
  • ACL - only the members of the domain are displayed, not the provider
  • Improve handling expired Windows/Linux passwords
  • webPMSL - filling delay default setting reduced
  • Expired PassMan password needs changing before login
  • Speed up mobile search

Bug fixing

  • Minor usage, display changes, fixes

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PassMan is a password management software for privileged and shared accounts.

PassMan stores the passwords encrypted and changes them automatically which makes all business operations more secure and helps you comply the GDPR requirements!

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