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Session management codes

403 - Missing right: Secret entry (PMSL)

The user who started the session does not have the right to use the password.

The user must have at least "Secret Login (PMSL)" right to open the connection. More information: HERE

Authorization can be granted to the user in the right mouse button / Authorization setting menu item. The "Edit Access" right is a prerequisite.

You can read more about the setup process HERE.

It is also important that it is filled out correctly in Padmin (System Settings / Session Management).

This also applies to the Maintenance menu item. Session Management cannot be in Stop state (if Restart or Start was run last time, then this part is fine).

SM001 →    SMAdminRequired: A Session Manager administrator is required for this operation.
SM002 →    SMError:  General/unknown Session Manager error.
SM003 →    SMConnectionHistoryEmpty: The connection history is empty.
SM004 →    SMSessionIdNotFound: Session Id not found.
SM005 →    SMCannotUpdateSessionRecording: The session recording parameter cannot be modified.
SM006 →    SMProtocolFileEmpty: The session protocol file is empty.
SM007 →    SMURLEmpty: The correct URL in Session Manager is empty.
SM008 →    SMNotSet: Session Manager is not set.
SM009 →    SMRootAuthFailure: Session Manager administrator failed to authenticate.
SM010 →    SMTokenError: Invalid Session Manager token.
SM011 →    SMUserNotFound: Session Manager user not found.