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What to expect from PassMan?

In PassMan you can store credentials (passwords, SSH keys, PIN codes) of Targets already added to the systems' database using a well-structured and well-detailed identity management solution.

In case we need a stored credential (password) we only have to ask the system for it (CheckOut).

The system will only provide the credential to us if we have the right to view that for the given Account.

PassMan basically does 3 things:

1/ Keeps a record of:

  • Hosts (Targets).
  • User/Password datasets for Hosts and SSH keys for Linux/Unix systems (Credentials).
  • Target structure (Folders).

2/ Reveal User/Credential datasets

3/ Timed checks for:

  • A given Host exists.
  • Whether a stored user/credential dataset is correct (is it possible to log into the Host).