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1-Click to Web Targets

The PassMan Secure Login extension allows us to access websites faster, easier and more securely.

We do not need to copy the website link, username and password from PassMan, but can enter the desired website with 1 click.

The 1-Click connection method also allows the user not to see the password required for entry, and still be able to log in to the given target page.

You can install it on Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers.

How to login without manually filling in login data

  1. Starting from PassMan, just click on the 1-click icon ()for the given user account, and after a few seconds you will be logged in on the selected page in a new browser tab, and you can start performing your task.
  2. We can start the login function from the browser by:
    1. Let's go on the page we want to use (login for using)
    2. Click on the PassMan Remote Login extension icon
    3. Click on  icon
      1. If we only have access to 1 user account for the given page, after a few seconds you will be logged in
      2. If we have access to more than one user account for the given page, we have to choose on the list which user account we want to log in with, and the login is done after the selection.

Requirements for properly working

Your Extension must be configured properly (with correct PassMan URL) and you must be logged in to PassMan () for properly working WEBlogin connection!

You can read in detail about the functions of the extension HERE.