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1-Click To Targets

You can connect to Targets / Websites directly from PassMan with a 1-click: from the account tab or popup.

There is no need to write down / copy the login details to a clipboard for this instant login.

By clicking on the icon (with connector signal), PassMan AUTOMATICALLY logs into the target system without asking for a password to log in.

To use this feature, the PassMan user must have the 'CheckoutCredential' right for the specific Folder/Device or Account.

(read more about setting up access HERE)

Additional programs must be installed to use this feature!

For Browsers: webPMSL (PassMan Secure Login)

Login to web sites: To reach quick access to web pages, you need to add PMSL (PassMan Secure Login) Plugin to the web-browser.

If you want to log in to a website having the username and password automatically filled in on the page, you need to install this PassMan Secure Login web extension.

You can download and configure the extension for ChromeFirefox or Edge browsers.

This article describes how the extension works and how to use it.

For Windows: winPMSL

For Windows and Linux operating systems, the PassMan Secure Login program allows you to connect to Windows machines

via Remote Desktop connection from PassMan, or to Unix systems via SSH console.

To use this function you have to install a little script which changes Microsoft Windows rules to be able to use the PassMan created special links.

The winPMSL program can be downloaded here:  pmsl_installer3.12.0.1.exe

Compatibility and functionality details are available HERE.

For Linux: linPMSL

The linPMSL program for Red Hat (RHEL) type op. systems (e.g. CentOS): pmsl-

For all other Linux (Debian-based) systems: pmsl-

Installation and compatibility details can be found HERE.

Use the  icon to connect to the Target when you have to provide the password to log in. You have to checkout the password (credential) manually.

Use the  icon to connect to the Target when you do not have to provide the password to log in. You can login by clicking on the  icon without any manual action.

In this case you need to have CheckOut access for the selected Account.