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Session Management

With the session management (Session Management and Recording) function in the browser, RDP (Windows) and SSH (Linux) connections can be started, monitored, recorded or viewed.

Start new session:

Sessions are available on the Target, Account and the Sessions Tab  can be started using this icon.
If the type of connection can be selected on a given user account, you can choose from the following two options shown in the image below.


In the case of PMSL, the connecting program (Remote desktop connection or SSH client) will run on the workstation.
Downloadable software:  Windows | Linux | Web   1 click login: LINK 

If you choose PassMan Remote access, the connection will appear in a new tab (TAB).

User interface ( Sessions tab ):

(lightbulb) A device (account) can appear in the list more than once if it is associated with several sessions.

  1.  row:    an active recording session.                                                         in column REC      icon is visible, the additional function of which is to stop the session.
  2.  row:    an active session that is not being recorded.                              in column REC     icon is visible, the additional function of which is to stop the session.
  3.  row    an inactive session of which a stored recording was made.        in column REC      icon is visible, the function of which is to view stored recordings.
  4.  row:   session that has not yet been started.

Set up target:

When creating and modifying a target, it is possible to specify the type of Terminal, as well as the option to record the started session.

Create target: Windows | Linux | Web 

The image below shows this part of a target's settings interface. Read more about setting up targets

Terminal types: 
- SM:
 start a web-based session, passman remote access
- PMSL:  session start will be started by a downloaded software. 
- ANY: In such a case, you can choose to start the session as shown in the image below.

Session recording:
- If you select Yes, a saved recording of an active session is created

Filtering options:  

- Number of lines
- target type
- user
- start – stop time interval
- connection type

Options for other filtering:

- Own sessions                                            ( Own / All Sessions )
- Favourites                                                   ( Displaying accounts marked as favorites in the user account tab / actions. ) 
- Sessions under recording      felvétel alatti munkamenetek                   ( Filter off / Show active sessions )
- Available records                                     ( Filter off / Show sessions with stored recording. )     
- Active sessions                           ( Filter off / Show active sessions. )
- In-Sync accounts                ( Filter off / Show users / devices where the user and password pair match, it is possible to start a session. )

After entering a 3-letter keyword, it is possible to search between sessions. 
You can delete the entered characters on the right  can be done using the icon.
Update can be found to the left of the search field can be done with icon.
Sorting the columns and rows and deleting the set filters:  
the following icon can be used to sort the columns:       
the following icon can be used to unorder rows:             
the following icon can be used to delete the set filters: