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To create a device, click on  button, or use the  icon on the  Targets or Accounts tab.

In the following window, you can see the device setting options:

After filling in the data, select the Create button. 

After creating the device, the User account setting follows, where you can specify:

  • username and password
  • description
  • multifactor key
  • session management settings

Recording Sessions and setting the Terminal type:

The image below shows this part of a device's settings interface. Read more about setting up devices 

Terminal types: 
- SM:
 start a web-based session, passman remote access
- PMSL:  session start will be started by a downloaded software. 
- ANY: In such a case, you can choose to start the session as shown in the image below.

Session recording:
- If you select Yes, a saved recording of an active session is created

When entering access IDs, you can use the Generate button, which allows the system to automatically generate a password.

After filling in the data, select the Add button. Our device is ready.

With the Create another function, we can create another one from the same device type.