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Functions Overview

You can store credentials (passwords, SSH keys, PIN codes) of Targets already added into PassMan database.

In case we need a stored credential (password, SSH-key) we only have to ask the system for it (CheckOut).

The system will only provide the credential to us if we have the right to view that for the given Account.


Keeps a record of:

  • Hosts (Targets).
  • User/Password datasets for Hosts and SSH keys for Linux/Unix systems (Credentials).
  • Target structure (Folders).

Reveal User/Credential datasets

Timed checks for:

  • Existence of a given Host.
  • Whether a stored user/credential dataset is correct (is it possible to log into the Host).


  • Who and where did login, using the automatic checkout function?
  • Who logged into PassMan and what did they do?
  • Who, when and with what level of privilege accessed a given Target/Account?
  • A given user, in a specific time, what Target did they accessed and what level of access did they have?


  • PassMan can use local database or Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication, than the user management is done in the AD.
  • As a local user there is a default Administrator. This Administrator can start and configure the system.
  • Permissions can be set by assigning the authorized person or group to the specific item and specify the executable operations as well.

Permissions in detail

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